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5 best lab grown diamond engagement ring designs in 2021

Best lab grown diamond engagement ring Designs

2021 is here and so is the summer wedding season. Planning to propose and want to keep up with the trends? Here are 5 of the best and trending designs of lab grown diamond engagement rings this year. Check them out so you can offer your beloved the best of this year.

  1. Geometric diamond ring shape

Although the classic round solitaire has always been the traditional norm for engagement ring designs, that seems like a thing of the past now. If you want to keep up with the trends on 2021, then geometrically shaped diamond rings are in now. Shapes like oval, rectangular, square are quite commonly seen around. But the level has upgraded to hexagons, pentagons and asymmetrically shaped diamonds as well.

  1. Tokyo round cushion cut

This design isn’t just exquisite, but also quite colourful. The band is plain metal so all the focus is on the stone. It has a cushion cut round diamond with rounded edges that sits in a double diamond frame of square shape. The inner frame is of rose gold and has bigger white diamonds. The outer frame has smaller pink diamonds. On the whole, this ring looks as elegant as ever. The colours complement each other well giving it a beautiful shade and a unique appearance as opposed to the regular white diamond rings. If you would like to flaunt colours on your finger for the rest of your life, then it doesn’t get any better than this.

  1. Crossover/twisted band solitaire

Usually ring designs focus on the look of the diamond, but in this one right here, the band is the real hero. As the name suggests, there are two bands on the ring; one of which is plain metal and the other is studded. They are twisted to look intertwined in each other throughout the length. The stone can be any shape as per choice. The common choices are either a solitaire or a halo with a big centre stone and smaller stones surrounding it. The unique band makes the ring look bulky and gives it a prominent appearance.

  1. Flower petal ring

This is honestly one of the prettiest and most feminine looking Lab grown diamond engagement rings. It is also more likely to be noticed due to its unusual design. The ring has a centre diamond which is round in shape and fairly large in size. The diamond is surrounded by smaller round diamonds all around the circumference to create the look of flower petals. It is quite a bold and statement ring so if you like flaunting something flashy, then this will definitely get a thumbs up from you.

  1. Hidden Halo engagement ring

Hidden halo engagement rings started trending last year in 2020, and are still quite the rage. They are a variety to the original halo ring. The Hidden halo ring has a large centre stone and beneath it surrounding the frame are tiny diamond studs. They give the centre stone an impression of being uplifted. It may or may not have prongs holding the stones up and adding to the look. That usually depends on the customization.

These are just 5 designs mentioned here, but what is more trending is the fact that most people now prefer custom-made rings. They chose the diamonds, their shapes, size, the metal, colours, and etc. all by themselves creating a personalised engagement ring out of lab grown diamonds. You can find the most amazing of Engagement rings hatton garden in London. The choice of lab grown diamonds over organic ones makes the ring cheaper as a whole, yet leaves it looking absolutely classy.

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