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A Complete Guide for Dab Rigs and Its Accessories

A dab rig is a device that makes cannabis consumption easy. Dab rigs can also be used to consume Nicotine, a substance obtained from tobacco. It is relatively easy to use the device, but only if you have some background information about its components. Most dab rigs come with temperature settings and a few operating buttons.

The cannabis market is so wide that it becomes very difficult to select a product that meets your demands. When narrowing down to dab rigs, the market is still flooded with all kinds of dab rigs. It is even more tedious for a beginner to select a high-quality dab rig.

As we move on, the market is expanding more, and brands are coming with unique dab rigs every other day. At the moment, we have four broad categories of dab rigs; low-end, middle-level, high-end, and simple dab rigs. So if you go to the market today, any dab rig you select falls under these categories.

All dab rigs have similar parts. What varies most is the shape, size, and quality of the components. This is where you have to be careful if you want a dab rig that meets your needs. Here is a dab rig guide and its accessories;

Components of a Dab Rig

An ideal dab rig has three major components; glass piece, nail, and torch lighter. In other brands, you buy or get the torch separately. Apart from their features, you have room to customize your dab rig to the level you want. For example, you can include a dabber as the fourth accessory. The dabber helps keep the dab rig tidy and neat.

When getting a dab rig for yourself, get a complete one, then do customizations later. By a complete one, I mean a dab rig with all three components. Trusted brands like Dr. Dabber offer dab rig full kits like Stella Fill RX Kit. Therefore, this kit is complete, and you don’t have to spend on additional accessories for customization.

How to Clean your Dab Rig

Dab rigs require regular cleaning regardless of the concentrate that you are using. Cleaning helps to prevent it from wearing out quickly, and it also prevents you from consuming contaminants. The belief that you are using premium concentrates and there is no need to clean is backward.

Cleaning a dab rig is relatively easy. For major cleaning, you need a bowl, pipe cleaner, paper towels, and rubbing alcohol. You can also add salt to the mix for deeper cleaning. Here is how to do the actual cleaning.

Sprinkle a little rubbing alcohol around all the parts of your dab rig and give it some time to soak. The re-burns become loose and ready for removal after a few minutes. You can also see the alcohol turning black once soaking is done. The black color comes as a result of re-burns mixing with alcohol.

Immediately pour the black alcohol and check if stains are remaining. You can repeat the process more times to remove all traces of re-burns. Use pipe cleaners to remove dominant stains before drying them using paper towels. Leave the dab rig to stand for some time before using it again. You can also do minor cleaning after every dabbing session.

How to Dab; Step by Step Guide

Dabbing is a very simple activity for most cannabis takers but can be relatively difficult for beginners. Dab rigs come with a manual guide on how the buttons and temperature settings work. Just like other activities, you become a pro with time. Below is a general process on how to dab, which applies to standard dab rigs.

We assume you already have a concentrate with you. Apply small amounts of cannabidiol concentrate in the heating element of your CBD vape kit; most dab rigs have the nail as the heating element. For dab rigs with e-nails, there is no need for a heating torch because they heat themselves. The rest of the nails require a torch for heating manually.

This is where you also get careful with the brand you choose. Some brands sell the heating torch separately, while others deal in one set with the dab rig. Buying as a complete set is the best option here. To get a full set of quality dab rigs, check Dr. Dabber’s official website.

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