Cardboard Boxes Packaging vs. Plastic Packaging: Which Is Better?

Production Process

Cardboard boxes packaging, as well as plastic packaging, are the most used types of packaging, by product manufacturers. These materials are not only popular in the U.S but all around the globe. And this rise in popularity is nothing new. In fact, both cardboard boxes and plastic have been around for ages.
If we look at the history of packaging, paper, and later corrugated cardboard boxes have been used as packaging for their reliable nature. On the other hand, the introduction of plastic packaging has been slightly more recent. This kind of packaging gained the most popularity in the 1960s due to its use by manufacturers and sellers have never looked back since.
However, when it’s time to choose the right packaging for your business, which way should you go? Should you take cardboard boxes up as your packaging? Or should you choose the plastic route? To find out, keep reading on ahead.

Production Process
Cardboard boxes and plastic packaging have two very different methods of production.
Cardboard is manufactured using paper as the main raw material. Paper, as we know, comes from trees which are a renewable resource. To make a corrugated cardboard box, manufacturers take three individual layers of paper and glue them together.
However plastic packaging is created using a very different approach. To make plastic, fuel has to be used which is not a renewable resource. Chemical reactions are performed to make this fuel into plastic. After its formation, this fresh plastic can be molded into different shapes according to the client’s demand.

Greener Option
Custom cardboard boxes are quite famous in the packaging industry due to the fact that they can be easily recycled. Cardboard and paper, in general, can be dumped in the garbage after use but do not negatively impact the Earth. This is because it can be easily recycled back into new paper which can be put to use again.
Plastic, however, is a different story all together. Even though some forms of plastic can be recycled, the factories needed to recycle plastic are not easily available. So that makes the whole process a lot more expensive. This means that most of the plastic packaging being used will be left somewhere in the landfill.
In terms of the impact on the environment, cardboard is obviously a better option. To get your own custom cardboard packaging today, contact Packaging Republic. Read more the general time.

Protection for Your Products
It is no news that cardboard packaging boxes offer great protection for any product that they encase. This is because the three layers of corrugated boxes can easily prevent any damage to the items they carry. Due to their design and sturdy build, cardboard boxes can protect fragile items. They are tough and durable.
Just like cardboard, plastic also does a good job of protecting products. But how much protection receives is dependent on how thick the mold is. Higher quality plastic would offer better damage protection than thinner plastic. But better-quality packaging would also cost you higher.

All in all, cardboard boxes are a much better option as compared to plastic. They always offer great protection to products, are great for the environment, and also easy on your pocket.

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