How you can save money and get paid to shop this holiday season

If you’re looking for a way to get a bigger bang for your buck this holiday season, check out these apps

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Do you love shop?  Do you love to save money while you shop?  Why not save and get paid for shopping?

If you’re looking for a way to get a bigger bang for your buck; pay attention.

ABC 24 News recently talked to author and blogger Cherie Lowe, who is also known as the “Queen of Free.”

She told us about the top five apps that you need to downloat right now to save money for your Black Friday shopping.

Coming in at #5:  Apps from your favorite stores.  The “Queen of Free” said you could be missing out on significant savings, which you might only find in their apps.  For example, she said Target’s Circle is great for coupons and deals.

“You can quite honestly just scan the item in your cart and it will tell you if there is an available coupon for that item. I always try to do that before I check out. and you also get money back for the amount of purchases.. that you can get and use on anything too,” said Lowe.

At #4: Rakuten. If you are an online shopper, the “Queen of Free” said this app should be your go-to because they pay you for shopping.  She said, “It’s the first place that I head, and it rounds up the coupons from all of your favorite stores, like Kohls or JCPenney and you name it but they also give you cash back for a percentage of your purchase for thousands of stores out there.”  Lowe adds that Rakuten is also good for travel purchases like hotels and rentals.

#3: Shopkick. This app will give you coupons and reward points that you can redeem for gift cards.

#2: Ibotta. Another app which provides savings by using it for cash back for groceries and essentials.

And, at #1: Fetch. The “Queen of Free” said this app is her all-time favorite right now.  You can use Fetch to save money anywhere you shop when you scan your receipt. You get money back in the form of rewards, which can be redemmed for gift cards to use at your favorite store.  You can also link your online shopping, and points will really add up.

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