‘Money Heist’ Final Season Episode Titles Revealed

Money Heist – Picture: Netflix
We’re just under a couple of weeks away from getting to watch the final batch of episodes which will conclude the Spanish hit series Money Heist. The stakes are high and now we’ve been given a small taster as to what’s the come thanks to the reveal of the episode titles for season 5 volume 2. 
On December 3rd, 2021 the final 5 episodes of Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) will hit Netflix globally.
Let’s break it down.

List of Episode Titles for Final Season of Money Heist / La Casa De Papel

Episode 6 – Válvulas de Escape / Exhaust Valves
Episode 7 – Ciencia Ilusionada / Illusioned Science
Episode 8 – La teoría de La elegancia / The Elegance Theory
Episode 9 – Lo Que Se Habla En La Cama / What Is Talked About in Bed
Episode 10 – Una Tradición Familiar / A Family Tradition

Accompanying the episode titles including 5 brand new images which could give us some indiciations and theories into what we can expect.
Below, we’ve compiled some of the theories we’ve found online with our own expectations from what the meaning of the new titles are.

Episode 6 – The picture has Rio holding an RPG and a rather concerned “last ditch” facial expression. Exhaust Valves could suggest the gang is moving to the “Rome plan”.
Episode 7 – Has Berlin and Palermo front and center suggesting this could be more of a flashback-centered episode.
Episode 8 – Has the team partying in the room where they’re melting the gold. Could this be them celebrating or a last hoorah before the police invade the bank?
Episode 9 – Has a flashback picture of the Professor. The title suggests this is going to an episode heavily focused on the Professor and Lisbon.
Episode 10 – The end of the road. In the picture, we see Rio nervously talking to the chief negotiator.

— La Casa de Papel (@lacasadepapel) November 24, 2021

While we’re digging through the social media posts for La Casa De Papel, there was a picture posted on November 23rd which sees one of the gang members (?) in cuffs alongside the caption:
“Is this part of the plan?”

¿Será esto parte del plan? ⛓️ Is this part of the plan? ⛓️ #LCDP5 #MoneyHeist pic.twitter.com/lbgY8mK1uJ
— La Casa de Papel (@lacasadepapel) November 23, 2021

Also in Money Heist news, this week Netflix announced that there would be a second episode coming for the behind-the-scenes companion show Money Heist: From Tokyo to Berlin. The first episode released alongside part 5 volume 1 and the second will release alongside volume 2 on December 3rd.
For a full preview of Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2, head on over to our master post where we’ll soon be updating to include the above information.
Are you excited for Money Heist part 5 volume 2? Let us know in the comments down below.

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