The Difference between High School and College Essays

High School and college have a major part to play in our future success. The education we have there can be a starting point to what career path we want to follow. There are many differences and similarities between these schools. They all offer learning and training for our future careers. Moreover, you can see that many of them offer free online programming courses with certificates of completion. Your achievement in high school will determine your entry to college while college to your workplace.  However, they all differ in one way or the other and that makes them unique. They are our foundation in life and we should cherish them.

Structural Differences

Instruction on how to write high school essays usually involves adapting a topic to a basic essay structure: an introduction where the thesis is stated, a number — usually three — of paragraphs that each give an example that argues for the thesis, and a conclusion where the argument paragraphs are summarized and the thesis is restated. In college essays, the trick is not adapting a topic to an essay structure, but developing structure around the topic. Content is king in the college essay 留学生代写, and the structure of the essay should be adapted to the topic rather than the other way around.

Writing Formats

The differences between high school and college essays are not limited to requirements and the overall level of writing. For instance, high school teachers do not require learners to format papers according to a specific style. Even if some aspects of formatting are discussed and stressed, no one decreases the grade for incorrect margins on all sides of the document. Meanwhile, in college, the grading rubric includes such criteria as document and figure formatting. Therefore, the student has to follow a specific referencing style, presenting the correct margins, line spacing, font size and type, heading/page numbering, and text alignment. The sources should be cited correctly in the body of the paper and on the bibliography page.


College and high school studies are similar in preparing you for the future. However, there are differences in relationships, number of classes, being independent, being treated as an adult and so much more. Colleges may not be compulsory but they prepare us for the journey ahead. They offer us the training to be useful in society and in the workplace. You will need high school before joining college, which makes it all special. More so, they all require hard work.

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