Water Purifier- Importance And Advantage Of It

Water is one of the best and crucial thing which everyone needs to live a healthy lifestyle. But these days with the various human activities and overexploitation of freshwater source the water bodies is getting polluted and drinking of water contaminated with various kinds of pathogens leads to the various health issues thus we need to ensure that we are consuming contamination-free water.

According to various research, drinking contaminated water kills more than 3.4 million people globally, and due to the high death rate, this is a matter of big concern. Drinking of the contaminated cause various kinds of fatal waterborne disease, namely, diarrhea, Typhoid, Cholera, and various other.

A waterborne disease is highly active among the old aged people and child as their immune systems are not properly active; thus, if your family has old aged people or child, then you must consider that you are getting contamination-free water for drinking purposes.

How To Treat Water At Home?

There are various methods to treat water at home, and one of the best methods is a water purification system like a water purifier. A water purifier is an electric machine based on water purification technology and treats all kinds of water contamination present in the water. A water purifier can eliminate all kinds of contamination, whether the contamination is microbes or TDS.

Previously boiling of water was one of the best as boiling of water kills microbes present in water. Still, these days the water impurities are quite rigid and don’t easily leave the water. A doctor fresh water purifier is based on advanced and modern water purification technology, eliminating even rigid water pollutants.

Here is the few water purification technology which is widely accepted in India.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

A water purifier based on reverse osmosis technology uses a semi-permeable membrane to eliminate the water’s water pollutant. The semi-permeable used in this technology are selective, which doesn’t allow anything except water to pass through it.

The semi-permeable used in it has several tiny pores which prevent the passage of impurities present in water. Thus reverse osmosis water purifiers separate water impurities based on their molecular size. Due to these features, this water purifier is used in that area where the TDS concentration is high compared to the microbial contamination.

UV Technology

This is one of the widely used water purification technology in India. A water purifier based on this technology eliminates microbes from the water and makes water safe for human consumption. A UV water purifier uses a UV lamp which continuously eliminates UV rays that kills the microbes present in water.

UV rays have high penetration powder, which crosses the microbial wall and destroys their genetic material; thus, microbes present in water lose their ability to grow and reproduce; thus, water becomes safe for human consumption.

A water purifier based on UV technology is used in those areas where the microbial contamination is high compared to the TDS contamination because a UV water purifier doesn’t treat other forms of contamination present in the water.

Benefits Of Water Purifier/Water ATM

A water purifier has several health benefits, but here we have listed only a few, but crucial benefits of having a water purifier, water atm, and those benefits are

  • Eliminate Multiple Form Of Water Contamination

With various technology, a water purifier can eliminate all kinds of contamination present in the water, whether the contamination is in physical, chemical, or biological form. So be sure and drink water purifiers treat water.

  • Protect Us From Waterborne Diseases

Water can dissolve almost everything in it; thus, water has become a major source of waterborne diseases, but water treated by water purifier are pure and 100% contamination-free so you can live disease-free and healthy.

  • Improve Our Immune System

Drinking pure water nourished your immune system, and as it is free from disease-causing sources, so it also boosts our immune system. Like other body cells, our immune system also contains water is a sufficient amount, so in such cases, you should always ensure to drink water treaded from a water purifier.

  • Improve Food Taste

Although water is odorless, it is water impurities that added some odor to the water. As a result, the food you prepare smells bad or lacks good taste. But the use of pure water added some flavor to your food and made it delicious.

  • Maintain Minerals In Water

With advancements in technology, now a water purifier eliminates water contamination and holds the essential minerals in the water. Due to optimum minerals in the water, it becomes tasteful and beneficial for human consumption.


If you’re concerned about your drinking water quality, then the only installation of a water purifier is not the solution. Each passing day water purifier receives several wear & tears; you need to book your water purifier service regularly in such a situation. Booking RO service regularly ensures that you’ll get 100% pure and contamination-free water irrespective of the water source. So book your water purifier today and enjoy drinking contamination-free water all the time you urge for water.

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