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Why Does an Electric Dab Rig Get Dirty?

Dabbing, a method of consuming cannabis concentrates is becoming increasingly popular day by day. With this rise in popularity, electric dab rig, which are devices used for dabbing, are also becoming very popular. These devices create highly potent and flavorful draws that make the dabbing experience very enjoyable.

Electric dab rigs are the future of dabbing. Instead of using a blowtorch, used for heating the nail in basic dab rigs, electric dab rigs allow you to heat an E-nail using electricity. This feature sidelines the use of a potentially dangerous flame and makes the dab rig easily portable and more discrete. More importantly, electric dab rigs offer adjustable power or voltage options, which enable you to customize your hits or draws precisely.

How do electric dab rigs get dirty?

Electric dab rigs are used for vaping wax concentrates. These concentrates are thick and waxy. Overpacking them to the electric dab rigs can create a mess and make the device dirty. 

Electric dab rigs can also build up reclaim (waxy and unevaporated cannabinoids), which can clog up the dab rig. Using the nail repeatedly without cleaning it can lead to the build-up of carbon and reclaim.

Usually, dab rigs have a water percolator that helps clean the nail’s vapor just like in wax vaporizers before the user inhales. Over time, this percolator gets dirty and needs to get cleaned.

Why should I clean my Electric dab rig?

Cleaning your electric rig regularly has numerous benefits on its aesthetics and performance. Leaving your electric dab rig dirty can make it clog up, which will affect the flavor of your dabs or even make the device useless. 

 If the water in the dab rig’s percolator is not changed regularly, it can be a home for many kinds of bacteria and fungi. Yeast and other microorganisms can also exist in the water. Definitely, you will not want to inhale such toxic substances.

How to clean a dirty electric dab rig.

Step 1: pour out the water.

If your electric dab rig has a water percolator, you should pour out the water and refill the percolator with clean water after cleaning the device. Daily electric rig users should change the water daily.


Step 2: Heat the E-nail.

The simplest way to clean your dirty dab rig is by turning on its battery and leaving the E-nail to heat up. This step helps clean up small build-ups of reclaims and residual carbons on the E-nail.

The E-nail should heat up until the build-ups evaporate completely. 

Step 3:  Cotton swabs to clean the electric dab rig.

Electric dab rigs have adjustable power options/ settings. In some of the devices, the maximum setting may not be enough to remove the build-ups. Consequently, you may have to clean the dirty parts of the dab rig, including the E-nail with cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Some electric dab rigs are designed to make it easy to remove the dab rigs’ parts and clean them.

You should leave the dab rig to dry up entirely from the isopropyl alcohol before using it. To accelerate the drying up process, you can use a dry towel. Alternatively, you can leave them for close to a minute to dry up completely.

How often should I clean my Electric dab rig?

The length of the duration after which one should clean an electric dab rig depends on how often one uses the devices. On average, heavy electric dab rig users should clean their devices after not more than three days. On the other hand, casual users can clean their devices after a week.

Why should I obtain an electric dab rig?

Like other basic dab rigs, electric rigs get dirty and need to be cleaned. Some brands, such as the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, have a self-cleaning cycle that will make the electric rig clean itself once activated.

Unlike basic dab rigs, an electric rig allows you to precise dial in your perfect hits. If you choose the low power option or voltage setting, the electric rig will create more flavorful hits. On the contrary, going for higher voltage settings will create less flavor and highly potent hits full of clouds.


Electric dab rigs feature different designs, sizes, and shapes depending on the brand. As a result, you should seek more information concerning your device getting dirty and clean it from its user’s manual.

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